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Guess what? We're in the news! :-)

A few years ago, Daniel and I were asked by a couple to be a part of their premarried journey. We availed ourselves and gave of our time to support them however we could. We were blessed to eventually watch them get married. 3 years into their marriage and we are still walking with them and are involved in their ministry... pouring into other singles and couples on their way to “I DO.”

Well, who knew that they would one day pay it forward by blessing us with the opportunity  to tell our story (at least parts of it) and feature our organization? Honored... Humbled... In Awe.

We are so humbled and thankful to God for leading us. We are blessed to have a tribe behind us. Nothing we do is because we want to but because we HAVE TO. We HAVE to love those who are in desperate need and care for the children who are orphaned. We HAVE to train our young girls to love and care for themselves and show them what love looks like... without expectation. We HAVE to be selfless in order to be used for a greater purpose. We HAVE to give HOPE to our children. We HAVE to show a generation of woman/girls that their lives matter and they too, can dream and do great things. 

To the greatest team we could ever ask for... Kaisma, Vanessa, Cherie, Linda, Olawunmi, Keyattah, Odel, Fettah, Janga, Mawa, Grace, Precious., Isaac, Momodu, Sheriff, THANK YOU!! Agape is what it is simply because of you all.

To my babies, Tina, Patience, Joyce, Faith, Mamuna, Ela, Lovett, Wellen, thank you for allowing me to pour into your lives. I am so proud of the young ladies you are becoming. There are countless other young women/girls who are not on social media but have gone through Agape’s program. I say to them... I LOVE YOU and thank you for being vulnerable to learn. Thank you ALL for making this little article possible. 

THANK YOU to everyone who’s donated to our mentorship program, given of your time/talent and resources, supported HOPE House Designs, purchased food supplies, given clothes, donated baby supplies... the list is long... THANK YOU!🤗 We are extremely grateful and pray a blessing over you and yours.

Please read our story and share in our joy... 

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