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The vision for the Agape Village Training/Mentoring Center was birth in 2018. Our goal is to empower women and girls through training/equipping and mentoring. The facility will include a training facility, dormitories for the girls to stay, farming/livestock area, a guest house for our international volunteers, and a few other spaces.


Priority #1 - Agape Training Center

Our program will operate on a 3-month rotation. This will allow the girls to stay on campus, receive all the necessary training, and graduate with the tools for success. To accomplish this, we will build a dormitory for the girls to stay. Each bunk room will accommodate up to 52 girls. Our goal is to build two dormitory spaces.​


In June 2023, the ministry purchased 5 acres of land for this project, and our goal is to begin construction in October 2024. 

The project cost is estimated at $100,000 to complete. Your donation will help us build out the facility, secure transportation, and train the girls to become productive citizens in their homes and communities. Please partner with us and help change the lives of women and girls in Liberia.

Priority #2 - Transportation

Our challenge over the years has been getting around and transporting our girls. We spend quite a lot on transportation each year and are in dire need of this resource. Securing transportation allows us to centralize pickup and drop-off locations around the city for the girls to ensure they get to the trainings safely and on time. With the Agape Training Center built out, transportation will add value to what we can offer our girls. 

We welcome your donation to help facilitate the purchase of a 15-26 seater bus/van or the donation of a 15-26 seater bus/van to help us accomplish this goal.

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