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Here's Our "why"

Agape Women’s Ministry was founded in October 2011 in Atlanta, GA. Our mission is to mentor disadvantaged young women and vulnerable girls – with a focus on building their self-esteem, helping them find their purpose, discovering their identity, and giving them the opportunity to learn skills that will help them in their communities.


In December 2013, Agape went on its first mission’s trip to Lagos, Nigeria, and Monrovia, Liberia.​During our time in Nigeria, Agape donated 100 newborn supplies to the Redeemed Christian Church of God’s maternity hospital in Ogun State Nigeria. While in Liberia, we quickly realized the need for greater assistance with the women and girls we encountered – with 100% of them having survived the civil war and are still dealing with traumas of various kinds. After returning to the U.S., the organization committed to include helping disadvantaged young women and vulnerable girls in Liberia, as well as continuing to mentor women and girls in Atlanta, Ga.

It is with this passion that the Agape Village Mentorship Program was formed. Our six-session curriculum-based (copyright certified) program caters to the needs of girls who have been subjected to abuse, rape, and injustices of many kinds. Our goal is to help them understand their worth, grow their skillsets, and show them compassion in how we love and care for them. Our curriculum covers six key areas: Forgiveness, Purpose, Parenting, Hygiene, Respect and Identity.

Founders Daniel and Kimberlyn Abbey are both survivors of the brutal 14-year civil war that engulfed Liberia beginning in December 1989. They are passionate about serving and giving to communities in Atlanta and other parts of the world.  

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