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Thank You

As I contemplated this week what to write, I honestly just couldn't think enough because I am in a different space right now. Then I saw something today and I had an aha moment. Just say THANK YOU. Now more than ever, that's all we really need to say, and that's what some people really need to hear.


To ALL of those who are working on the frontlines to help care for patients around the world, THANK YOU! As the world battles the Covid-19 pandemic, we are grateful for you, our wonderful healthcare workers, who have been selfless in your ability to care for others. Thank you to everyone who work behind the scenes to coordinate ALL of the many wheels spinning to keep the hospitals running 24/7. THANK YOU to everyone who clean, cook, serve meals, pray, and love these amazing men and women. THANK YOU! We are grateful to you for keeping us safe and healthy.

To our HEROES around the world... WE LOVE YOU, and we THANK YOU for ALL you do!


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