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What Will We Do?

As I think about the season we are in with the coronavirus, I am reminded of the story of the Israelites after God had freed them from Egypt. Every time there was a test, they complained about how God was not doing enough, or had not provided enough, or complained about WHY He was allowing certain things to happen. God would be angry with them and punish them. Then they'd repent and He would forgive them. (But in a matter of days, they would repeat the cycle)

As we go through this season, many are upset because their lives have been turned upside down. Some complain about paper towel and tissue :-); some complain about why others are getting all the food and not them; and some defy authority and do horrible things claiming their rights... forgetting what the Bible says about honoring authority. All of these things we see.

Yet, what I don't see is a universal cry out to God to heal the land(s). Which leads me to this question... how will we be after this is over?

By that, I mean, will people become more selfish? Will there be more hoarders? I am sure there are many planning to do over the top things because they have been stuck inside for weeks. If I may be transparent, I too, want to do something crazy when this is over. And that's not a bad thing. BUT... outside of that moment, WHAT WILL WE DO? Will our faith be stronger? Will we be resolved to getting more involved in charity work? Will we be inclined to pray for others more? Will we help those struggling to believe find their place(s) in the body of Christ? Will we LOVE without conditions? Will we forgive? Will we have more wisdom and discernment? Will we be intentional about our relationships with others as we are now? What will we do?

I wonder...

What will we do that will either start/continue our legacy? What will be the moral compass that will guide us in the "fresh start" that's coming? It's not about what we do now to get through the crisis... it's about what we do AFTER the crisis that matters.

I am hopeful that when this is all over, we will all have a different perspective on what it means to be without and truly appreciate the abundance and blessings of God... and SHARE that with others.


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